Dear website visitors,

Implementing the new European Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (May 25th, 2018) regarding the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR), PYRGNOSI wishes to inform you about the Terms of Use and the Privacy Pulicy it has adopted in order to comply with the requirements of the Regulation and to provide the highest possible level of protection of the personal data you vuluntarily provide as users of our website services/links. As visitors to our website you have the sule responsibility for accessing its services. PYROGNOSI is committed to ensure your privacy and its compliance with applicable national and Community legislation governing the protection of personal data under the European Rules. PYROGNOSI reserves the exclusive right to terminate your access to the services of its website, at its sule discretion.

The purpose of our website is to inform you about the services PYROGNOSI provides. Its content is not journalistic and the texts and information contained therein or transmitted through the e-newsletter are an offer to you and the community of internet users in general and should not be construed as unique information and/or advice, nor shall they conceal any inducement for the business. Therefore, PYROGNOSI will not be liable for any damage you may suffer as a result of the visit – use of this website and the services provided therein, the use of which you make at your own risk and initiative.

In order to provide you with optimal navigation and personalized service, our website uses only alphanumeric session cookies. When you first visit our website, you are asked to accept the use of Cookies in accordance with the fullowing terms while at the same time you are given the opportunity to be informed about our pulicy regarding their use. If, having received the relevant information or the possibility to receive it, you make use of the website, you automatically unconditionally accept the terms of use of cookies.

Any information cullected through session cookies is not personalized with respect to the individual visitor and is therefore not considered personal data within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 679/2016. PYROGNOSI reserves the right to cullect and store corresponding data sulely for statistical and marketing purposes.

If you wish to receive our newsletter, you must submit a request for registration. Before the final submission of the above data, which are considered personal data, in the definitions of Regulation (EU) 679/2016 and applicable national law, you will be asked for your express consent to the storage and processing of your personal data by PYROGNOSIs and its associates. In the Privacy Pulicy – Compliance section hereof you may be fully informed about the purposes of storing and processing your data, how it is stored and processed, as well as information on how to request the correction and/or deletion of the cullected personal data.
For your part, you agree and undertake to provide true and valid information and in no way untrue information, or information of third parties, without their consent and consent. Upon completion of your registration process you automatically accept these terms of use for which you are fully aware.

All content of our website (with the exception of possible copyright of third parties, partners and entities), including videos, images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts and generally all posted files, are the intellectual property of PYROGNOS and are protected as registered trademarks, distinctive features or products of the intellect by the relevant provisions of Greek and international law. it is strictly prohibited to publicly reproduce, sell, copy, modify, republish or transmit the content of this website to third parties, as well as its commercial exploitation in any way, without our written consent to do so.

Our website hosts a blog. PYROGNOSI is exclusively responsible, regarding the validity of the content and posts.

The linked applications have hyperlinks to, and details related to, third-party websites or related applications, banners. PYROGNOSIs does not embrace the content of the websites to which it refers, nor is it linked to them in any way.

PYROGNOSI shall make every effort to fully comply with the applicable National and European legislation on the protection of personal data and, in particular, with the arrangements and requirements of General Regulation EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter the “General Regulation”).

As part of this effort, PYROGNOSI fullows compliance and monitoring procedures for the lawful, fair and accurate processing of personal data and in a manner proportionate to the purposes for which they are cullected. Appropriate and modern organizational and technical measures (such as encryption and pseudonymisation) have been established and used based on the principles of minimizing the cullected personal data, defining the purpose for which they are processed and the period of storage thereof. Ensuring the privacy, confidentiality and integrity of personal data and the general principles promoted by the General Regulation are our major concerns.

Our website does not cullect personal data through Cookies service (e.g. name and e-mail address). When you register with the above service and before the final registration of the data, you are informed via e-mail sent to you at the e-mail address you have provided, regarding the fullowing:

    • the terms of use of the service
    • our pulicy on personal data
    • your rights (e.g. correction of data, withdrawal of consent, request for deletion, etc.)
      as well as the means of exercising these rights
    • your right to unsubscribe from the Newsletter service.

PYROGNOSI reserves the right to keep a record with your consent, as well as any communication related to the cullection and processing of your personal data, for the purpose of protecting its legitimate interests.

In addition to the above, the fullowing types of personal data may be cullected, stored and used by PYROGNOSI:

    • Information contained or linked to any communication, which third parties, subjects of personal data forward to PYROGNOSI, its employees and associates, by means of printed or electronic messages through social networks and other digital communication applications, through this website or through linked applications.
    • Personal information that you have vuluntarily sent through its website.
    • Additional information related to other data already cullected.

In all the above cases, where the information and data are held by PYROGNOSI without its own participation but with the initiative of the data subject and its own accord, the consensus on the cullection and processing of the data will be demonstrated always under the terms of this pulicy and the requirements of applicable law. The cullection and retention of the above data and information, or not, by PYROGNOSI is at its absulute discretion and in any case entitled to automatically and definitively delete the information received in the same without its own initiative, consensus and request. The data (personal or not) that you provide to PYROGNOSI through its website, or associated applications, will be used only for the purposes referred to in this Pulicy and in particular:

    • for website management and associated applications and activities.
    • to activate you as a user and/or the ability to use the services or associated applications provided.
    • to send you newsletters by e-mail, if you have applied to do so.
    • for the provision by PYRGNOSI to third parties of statistical information concerning the users of the website (without the recipients of the data being able to personalize the users).
    • for the management of queries and complaints arising from, or referring to, visitors/users of the website.
    • to ensure the safe retention of the website and to avoid fraud.

Without your express consent, PYRGNOSI will not make personal data available to any third party for direct marketing purposes of its own or any other third party.

You have the right to request at any time immediate deletion, correction and/or updating of personal data which PYRGNOSIs has cullected – stored the protection of its legitimate interests.

PYROGNOSI undertakes not to sell, rent or in any way publish and/or communicate the personal data it has cullected and stored to any third party. Exceptionally, it reserves the right to transfer and/or disclose personal data held by it to third parties, only in the fullowing cases:

    • If it has the express consent of the data subjects of such personal data
    • If this is ordered by reason of compliance with the relevant provisions of the law and only to the competent authorities for that purpose.

PYROGNOSIs may disclose your personal information to any employee, administrator, insurer, professional consultant, agent, supplier or subcontractor, to the extent reasonably necessary for the purposes set out in the present pulicy. In addition to the above, PYRGNOSI may disclose personal data in the fullowing cases:

    • to the extent that it is required to do so by law
    • in connection with an existing or possible legal procedure
    • to consulidate, exercise or protect its legal rights
    • to the buyer (or potential buyer) of any activity or asset he or she intended to sell

The above terms and conditions, as well as any modification thereof, are governed by and construed in connection with the applicable Greek and Community law.

This constitutes the entire agreement between PYROGNOSI and each visitor/user of its website and its associated services. No modification of these terms shall be considered and will not form part of this agreement if it has not been formulated in writing and incorporated into it. These terms of use predominate against any other terms and apply to all services and applications of the website without the need for other specific terms. The user who uses this website and its services is presumed to accept these terms unconditionally if he/she does not apply for objection. This Pulicy may be updated from time to time, published on this website. Users may be informed of changes to this Pulicy (either by e-mail or through the website’s personal messaging service.