Our Institute, in support of its educational services, organizes and conducts trainings (in cooperation with the Head of the Fire Protection Team) in accordance with para. 3 of Art. 5 of the 14 Fire Department (Government Law 2434/b/12-09-2014). The types of trainings we implement are:


Combination of the above trainings can also be implemented e.g. Extinguishing and Evacuation, Alarm Activation and Extinguishing, etc.

The above trainings are conducted in order:

  •  To verify that the Fire Protection Team (FPT) functions properly, its members are coordinated and act effectively
  •  To verify the FPT degree of readiness
  •  For the FPT to apply the Intervention and Evacuation Plan of the installation

The trainings’ aim at:

  •  Achieving a team and cooperation spirit between the members of the FPT
  •  Highlighting the difficulties that arise through an emergency
  •  The FPT getting familiar with the proper and effective use of the fire-fighting equipment

In order to achieve the above objectives, fire scenarios that have already been discussed at the stage of the FPT basic training are developed. They are adapted and customized to each specific facility, depending on the use of the building and its complexity. For example, fire scenarios may include, fire in the warehouse, fire in the underground parking or fire at the PPC substation, etc. The total duration of the whole training is estimated to last 4 hours.

In all the above trainings, the development of the scenarios is presented to the FPT in the form of training. The FPT and the rest of the employees are informed of the “pre-training” stage and the training is carried out on the premises of the company, as planned and it includes the “PLAYERS” and the “TEAM”.

The “PLAYERS” assume roles according to the script and the “TEAM” is called to manage the incident individually or in combination, depending on the scenario(s).

Finally, the training evaluation is conducted by completing the “Training Evaluation Form” which assesses readiness, discipline, knowledge and effectiveness of the FPT. Through the training evaluation and score, the training is classified as “SUCCESSFUL” (score higher than 60%). Otherwise, the training must be resumed in a short period of time.