Company Profile
We are a specialized educational and consulting services institute in the fields of Fire Protection & Prevention, Physical Disasters (Earthquakes, Floods, Snowstorms), Technological Catastrophes (Dangerous Leakages) and First Aid (CPR).

The philosophy, the Vision and the Strategy
Our philosophy, vision and strategy ensure the provision of high quality educational and consulting services compliant with up to date educational methods. We also pay extra attention to the Enforcement of the respective Hellenic and European Legislations.
Our main goal is to create and implement educational programs which satisfy and fulfill the needs of modern business sites, as well as special category businesses.

We do provide:

  • Educational Programs
    (Open or Inter-Company) customized to the specific needs of the trainees.
  • Consulting Services
    in fields such as:legislation, fire protection – prevention studies, fire extinguishing systems, operational plans, evacuation studies & tests, etc.
  • Organization and carrying out exercises
    All educational programs of Fire Protection are compliant to the educational requirements of Section <<under the number 14/2014 Fire Layout ( Government Gazette 2434 / 12.9.2014 issue B ‘)>> , related to the organization and education of fire protection teams of any kind of facility, as well as the training of employees of any kind of business. Even more, All European Standards (EN) and Guides are followed.


Human Resources
Our modern and synchronous are imposes that employees of any kind of business have to be fully educated and trained in order to be able to react correctly in case of an unexpected and disastrous event.
Our management team, as well as a group of skilled, experienced and specialized instructors, supported by high quality administration, is capable of transferring and effectively this knowledge.


We are different!
Our uniqueness in the educational field rest in the two S’s

  • Specialization
    We exclusively provide educational and consulting services in the specific areas mentioned above.
    Keeping this in mind combination with the continuous research for new technologies and educational methods and practices (in order to keep on increasing our educational and consulting quality standards ) we definitely are highly specialized in these fields.
  • Simulation
    The practical training implementation aims at a better and more effective understanding by the trainees on the actions they must take. Depending on the trainees’ level of knowledge, their needs and the specialization – specific characteristics of the companies being trained, one or combination of the following fire simulators are used:
    • Free-to-surface open air
    • Enclosed spaces (FIRE TRUCK)
    • Automobile (FIRE CAR)

All simulators meet DIN 14097-2 Fire training systems – part 2: Gas-operated simulation devices technical safety specifications.
They operate using LPG, they are harmless (according to the above European construction and operating standards) and very easy to install and operate in all outdoor areas.